ama il prossimo tuo come te stesso

"ama il prossimo tuo come te stesso"

KS: In my better moments, I understand that everything I see and interact with is a neurological representation. So when I am dealing with some other person, and if I am grounded and in my right mind, I realize that what I perceive in them is actually a representation I am building in my brain, somewhere. Do I want to be unkind to part of myself? If you are angry with somebody, what you are angry with is part of the neurological representation you are creating. What we do to others we literally are doing to ourselves because we are not seeing a direct representation of the outside world. We are seeing our interpretation of it. Be kind to others because you are being kind to yourself. The more that we indulge in anger and fear, the more we stress ourselves out. We are not actually attacking the environment, we are attacking a model of ourselves that we have built and mistaken for the environment. – See more at:



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