When procrastination is delay in stepping into the future

Sometimes not jumping into action means we are studying a situation and maybe planning different courses of action. But when non acting is delaying than we call it procrastination. There are things we can do to avoid this gap.
1.Create-A-List Method
I call this method “Create-A-List”, because that’s what you do when you find yourself procrastinating on a task. Simply sit down and clear your head, grab a piece of paper and a pen, write down a few steps or smaller things that you need to do to complete the task.
A major reason we delay doing certain task is simply because we don’t know enough about the steps, or the actual amount work involved. This vagueness usually appears as a big uncertainty overwhelming us and depriving us the motivation to do something with it.
By creating a small list, writing down a few steps you think will need to make some headway on the task, is a great way to clear up this kind of vagueness. You will feel that you can actually work on a single step right now without worrying about the rest.
2. Give it a Five-Minute Action
Another common pitfall when we procrastinate is that we often overestimate the amount of time required to complete a task. This is especially true with those things we tend to think of as chores or unpleasant drudgery. What I have found useful to deal with it is this. Convince yourself to give it a five minutes work. Only five minutes, no more. Say to yourself you will only work on it for five minute and then you can stop and not think about it.
Often times all that requires is less than five minutes to finish the task already, such as to clear up the table, take out the trash, return a phone call, etc. What’s more, after five minutes of action, we usually find it much easier to continue with it for another five minutes or more. At this point, the task no longer feels that intolerable simply because we now have momentum.
3. Guilt and Reward Method
The last method is really about changing the way you think about the task. When we think about something and are undecided whether to do it or not, our thoughts are often conflicting with one another. When this happens, we can first think about what rewards or positive results completing this task will bring us. Then think about if we will feel guilty if we don’t get to do it. If we can’t think of any rewards, nor will we feel guilty, then simply decide not do it at all. Because we will have nothing to lose. Otherwise, just get up and do it. Because we will either get the rewards in our mind, or we won’t feel any guilt afterwards, or both in many circumstances.
These three methods can be very effective if they are put to good use. But most importantly we must be conscious enough to be aware when we are procrastinating, otherwise no method will help us.



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