The autopilot is a dangerous tool

We all have been exposed to ideas about goal setting. We love goals and sometimes we forget to pursue and take care of them. There are suggestions on how avoid to forget.
Some of us set some goals, but don’t end up following through. And some of us are so turned off of the idea of goals altogether – due to past failures, perhaps, or in resistance to the idea that we “have to” set them – that we don’t even bother. I’d like to talk about a very practical method of goal-setting that takes a lot of the pressure off and increases results. Before I do though, let’s figure out why we would set goals in the first place. For one, our minds are habitual machines. Most of what we do, think, and feel is exactly the same as the things we did, thought, and felt yesterday. If you don’t believe me, pay attention to how you brush your teeth or towel yourself off after a shower – you do it in the same way or same pattern EVERY DAY, day in day out. How does this relate to goals? Well if most of our behavior is pretty much on autopilot,then nothing changes until we consciously do something new . In order to do something new, we need to know the second most important piece of the puzzle: our minds are goal-seeking mechanisms. In other words, whatever we focus on, our mind sees it as a goal to be achieved and will begin coming up with strategies, behaviors and ideas that will help to achieve that goal. Just think about the last time you were trying not to fall down by saying to yourself “don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall!”? What happened? You fell. What were you imagining in your mind? Yourself falling down. Your brain got the picture of you falling down and went “ok, we can do that” and caused you to fall down. This is just how the mind works.



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